Terms and Policy


Privacy Policy

You need to provide real information when you register BullVPN that is your email address.

* BullVPN not support email fake, When paid BullVPN service.

When you use BullVPN system will record the following information.

  1. Your local IP
  2. Connect Date/Time
  3. IP VPN assigned to you.
  4. Disconnect time.

Rest assured that when using BullVPN personal information will be kept secure. We may use when problems with users only.

BullVPN usage policy

Your account will be canceled and added to the blacklist. Without notice If you violate the following policies.

  1. You agree not to take any action. Both intended and unintended or disrupt other users. From using BullVPN service.
  2. You agree not to use BullVPN's software to post contents, send messages or information unlawful. The threat, defamation, dangerous actions, vulgar, raunchy or is a civil or criminal offense.
  3. Acts that may be a civil or criminal offense or any violations. Contrary to local, state, national, international, or contrary to court orders.

Prohibited actions on VPN server

  1. Any software used about cybercrime that can invade the computer (Hacking) and stealing passwords.
  2. Counterfeiting of copyright trademarks.
  3. The exploitation of child pornography.
  4. The exploitation of children and the internet or corruption connection.
  5. Deception by internet and spam.
  6. Internet abuse.
  7. Internet hacking, bullying or others.
  8. Insurgency with others.
  9. Theft of Trade Secrets.
  10. Service attacks (D / DoS)

SPAM policy

BullVPN does not support sending unsolicited emails. It is commonly known as spam or spam block forum. Any user accounts that send spam via BullVPN will be canceled and added to the blacklist without prior notice.

Service payment policy

1. Time: To purchase or renew your membership.

  • $ 4.55 per month
  • $ 13.03 per 3 months
  • $ 24.25 per 6 months
  • $ 42.44 per year

2. About renewal

  • If your account has timed out, The system will send a payment notification message to continue using immediately. If time runs out, Users will not be able to connect BullVPN in all cases.
  • If your account still has an active amount of time, Can be renewed immediately. The system will increase the amount of time to use.

3. Payment

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Mobile Banking (QR Code)
  • True Wallet
  • PayPal
  • True Money
  • Transfer to a bank account

* Please email us at [email protected] When you have problems with payment.

4. Refunds when you are not satisfied with BullVPN for the payment via PayPal.

  • Refunds are available only PayPal and Bank transfer.
  • The system will refund the full amount to you within 7 days.
  • You can email us at [email protected] The system will refund after payment within 7 days.

Please provide :

  1. Username BullVPN
  2. Your payment reference number, such as PayPal's transaction ID.
  3. Reasons to request a refund.

* No harmful refunds or additional charges. Otherwise, we will send your information into the blacklist system. Which may influence your payment and online shopping later.

Policy change

  • BullVPN reserves the right to change the terms. Without prior notice.
  • The above is BullVPN's policy. If you don't agree at all or part of the policy, please do not use the services of BullVPN.
  • If you use BullVPN service, which means you will accept and will comply with our terms.


BullVPN team.